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Up until 150 years ago 3 quarters of the world's papers was made from Hemp. Now we spend too much time cutting down that increasingly rare resource trees to make paper. Hempiness offers you the alternative which uses as little chemicals in its creation as possible. The mill our paper is made uses 50% less water and 50% less chemicals than any other major mill in the world. We think the planet is a beautiful place, let's keep it that way.

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250gsm Hemp Card 250gms Hemp Card

The card is of a superior quality, it is a laid vellum and slightly creamy in colour.At 250gsm it makes for a fantastic impact on business cards, invitations, paintings - or whatever you need.
Can be used in any printer & takes Inkjet inks superbly.

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150gms Hemp Card 125gms Hemp Paper

At 125gsm this Laid Vellum paper is of the highest quality for your presentation. Off white in colour.
Can be used in any printer & takes both Inkjet and Laser inks superbly.

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New Complementary slips and notebooks arriving this summer
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