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Super tough and amazingly durable, Hemp is literally the best choice for natural fibre bags and luggage. Over the coming months, we will be bringing you so classics as the every day Tote, Saddle pockets, Shopping bags and much more. Grown without the need for any chemical intervention, you'll know you're treading lightly when you use Hempiness bags. Pure Hemp canvas or Hemp blends with other organic yarns, we aim to help you and your customers shop with bags that will last as long as you can - they'll shop till you drop.

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Hempiness Organic Hempseed Oil 100% Hemp Shopping Bag
Comes in various designs

A simply done classic bag for all those shopping, beach, baby or grown-up items that you need to move around. Made from HempTough© super strong canvas.

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Organic Hemp Canvas Holsters Hemp Stash Bag
Size : 10cmW x 14cmH x 6cmD
Colours : natural, purple & navy

This little bag is perfect for use as purse or card holder or simply for keeping all those bits and bobs running around loose in your bag in one place. It has a draw-string top, with a narrow shoulder strap.

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Organic Hemp Canvas Holsters Organic Hemp Canvas Holsters
Sizes : Small & Large (easily size adjustable velcro fastners)

Holsters - saddle bags - utility belts. Call them what you will when you need somewhere to put those important items but don't want a bag or don't want to cram your trousers so tight you can hardly move easily in them! Made in Brighton from 100% organic hemp with 2 outer velcroed pockets - 16cm x 20cm x 3cm. And a new extra pocket inside.

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